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Epoxy powder(FBE)

Epoxy powder(FBE)

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Epoxy powder is thermosetting, non-toxic coating powder which has excellent chemical anti-corrosion properties and high mechanical properties, especially the best wear resistance property and adhesion. Our epoxy has very strong adhesion on the metal and enjoys high paint film mechanical properties, high hardness, scratch resistance, corrosion resistance, low melt viscosity, good fluidity, good coating without pinholes and shrinkage.

Long Term Corrosion Protection:

The epoxy powder|(FBE) component provides excellent adhesion to steel, providing superior long term corrosion resistance and protection of pipelines operating at moderate temperatures .If required, Low Application Temperature(LAT) FBE can be selected as the primer to ensure low preheating conditions and long term integrity of high strength steels(X80 or higher)

In addition, 3LPE systems offer an excellent resistance to cathodic disbondment, reducing lifecycle cost of cathodic protection

Q: When will you arrange the production?
A: We usually arrange the production immediately after receiving your payment if we have the item in stock. Otherwise, please confirm with us for lead time.

Q: What is your accepted payment type?
A: Wire transfer, Paypal and Western Union, and Alibaba Trade Assurance.We only accept Paypal and Western Union, and Alibaba Trade Assurance for payment amounts below USD400.

Q: What does 3LPE anticorrosive material include ?

A: Mainly includes :Epoxy powder ,grafted polyethylene adhesive and PE top coat .


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